Stop Trashing the Henderson Wave

It’s a beautiful saturday morning when me and my pals started our regular jog along the famed Southern Ridges.

Up Mount Faber, across Faber Walk and started on the Henderson Wave, the tallest bridge in Singapore. What we saw immediately ruin our mood.

There were lots of garbage left strewn across the entire bridge. Some people have partied on the Henderson Wave last night, and did not clear away their leftovers.

These inconsiderate acts saddens me. Singapore, being reknowned in the world for its cleaniness, have plenty of rubbish bins planted across the island. I’m sure these people could have found a bin within 1km of the site. But they simply didn’t care and left the trash behind, probably thinking that some cleaners will come round and clear up after them.

But before the cleaners could do that, along came the monkeys the next day and help to make the situation worse by throwing them all over the place.

Please be considerate, if you bring food and drinks to the Henderson Wave, do not litter the place. It is a nice environment to exercise in the morning, and for hanging out with friends in the evening. Do not spoil it for the rest of the people enjoying the place.

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How Many Invitations Do I Need to Reject Before I Stop Receiving Them?

Every now and then I will receive invitations to catchup with my old friends and ex-colleagues. As much as I can, I would always try to make myself available, and often I did.

There will be times that I don’t feel like going, but I still dragged myself there. There are also times that I just readily agreed and enjoy myself when I am there.

I used to organize gatherings as such. I will call people up one by one and ask them if they are free. I will make extra efforts to ensure that I get the most headcounts for each gathering that I initiated.

There are people whom I always call, but never turn up. There are people who turn up, but I know they are not really enjoying. There are also people who turn up and geniunely enjoyed the whole event.

As time goes by, I put those people who don’t turn up into my blacklist. I never call them up to ask if they are free. For those who don’t really enjoy, I will still call up, but I won’t insist them to come. As for those who enjoy, it goes without saying, I will always call them up.

I don’t have any problem with people telling me upfront that “Sorry, it’s boring. I won’t be there.” but I have a lot of problem when I hear “I can’t make it. I have something on.” cos I know that the reply is not genuine. 

So just recently, another friend who always volunteer himself to organize such a gathering, got another huge disappointment. He initiated the event 2 weeks before the actual day. Only a small handful of people replied and I can tell how disappointed he is. Cos this is not the first time it happened.

It really makes me wonder: “How many invitations does one need to reject before they never get invited again”.

Probably these people are meant to be just acquiantance.

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Have our government lost touch with the ground?

23 Nov 2008, Straits Times headline reads “Tan Kin Lian eyes presidency” – Ex-NTUC Income’s chief will run if he has 100,000 people willing to support him.

Quoting from the news article …

When I joined the PAP, it was the party of the people. It carried out many remarkable projects, such as building HDB flats, and created a transparent economy,’ he said.

‘But as the years go by, I think the party has lost touch with the ground.’

He pointed to the widening income gap in the country and the high salaries of Government leaders. He also finds it unfair how a disproportionate number of the academically successful come from higher-income families.

It is the Government’s job to correct these problems, said Mr Tan, who calls himself an egalitarian.

‘How many of our leaders take the MRT and bus like me? If they do, they will know that the MRT is crowded even at 10pm.

Perhaps as time pass, even the eyes of great people can stray off the road. Who am I to judge? However, this reminds me of the ideals brought up in a Japanese drama “Change” which was aired in Japan this year.

In the show, the candidate for Prime Minister promised …

  • I promise, with eyes like yours. I will find the problem in politics and correct it.
  • I promise, with ears like yours, I will seriously listen to the tiniest voice of those who are called weak.
  • I promise, with legs like yours, I will run without hesitation towards the problem scene.
  • I promise, with hands like yours, I will work with sweat stained hands and point towards the path that this country should take.
  • My everything will be like yours!

Back to Singapore … Mr. Tan may have brought up a few valid points, but it doesn’t make him any more capable of delivering. He’s been the chief of NTUC Income for so many years, but didn’t voice out any of these until he left them. Does it mean he has just made this observation? Talk about biting the hand that fed you.

Join the Facebook group to find out more about the drama.

You can read the full Straits Times article at

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